Fortnite Season 10 Challenges: Stop Sign Locations

Latest season of battle royale shooter is just officially come on different platforms and its stunned things up greatly. As anticipated, there are fresh regions of the map to discover, also a fresh Battle Pass to buy which provides you right of entry to many challenges to take and prizes to unlock.

This time developer has as well carried a few notable updates to how challenges work. Formerly, developer would launch a fresh number of challenges to do every week all over the season, a few of which would be offered to everybody, even if they didn’t have a Battle Pass. At the moment, most of the game’s quests are fastened at the back of the Season X Battle Pass.

The quests are as well planned rather another way in this season. In place of weekly challenges, Epic is assembling missions jointly beneath varied, themed sets. Every set as well only primarily presents 3 challenges, with further ones being opened as you finish them. There are 2 themed sets presented – Road Trip and Rumble Royale, further will be presented as the season advances.

Fortnite Season 10 Challenges: Stop Signs
Fortnite Season 10 Challenges: Stop Signs

Stop Sign Locations in Fortnite Season 10

Fortnite Season 10 Challenge contains obliterating stop signs while outfitting the Catalyst skin. The wear is opened in tier 1 of the Season X Battle Pass, thus if you’ve achieved it, outfit the skin and prepare to assign a number of casual damage. You’ll need to obliterate 10 stop signs overall to finish this challenge and this can be completed all over the matches. These stop signs are located all over the whole island; however you’ll locate more than a few of them in a handful of places, mainly in Mega Mall, Pleasant Park, Salty Springs and Paradise Palms. After you capable to obliterate 10 stop signs, the challenge will be done and you’ll receive 10 Battle Stars.

Location 1: In front of a big truck.
Location 2: In front of a parked pink car and house.
Location 3: In front of a tree and house.
Location 4: In front of a yellow car.
Location 5: In front of a blue car.
Location 6: Near to a crosswalk.
Location 7: In front of a truck and other cars.
Location 8: Near to a crosswalk and in front of a parked blue car.
Location 9: Near to an orange car and trees.
Location 10: In front of a house.

If a few of these locations are providing you problem, there are as well more Stop Sign clusters in the Mega Mall and Salty Springs.