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Is Tom Brady playing in Week 18 vs. Falcons?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady have already secured a spot in the NFL playoffs. After defeating the Carolina Panthers last week, they did so. But they have no chance of overtaking any other team in the standings given their subpar record. Consequently, their Week 18 matchup with the Atlanta Falcons is practically pointless. Despite this, the enigma of Tom Brady’s participation in tonight’s game against the Falcons persists.

Condition of Tom Brady against the Falcons
Tom Brady will suit up for the Buccaneers in Week 18’s game against the Falcons, according to Sporting News, in a move that nobody was surprised by. Remember that Tampa Bay has almost little stake in this game.¬†They are effectively using this game as a televised tune-up as they get ready for the playoffs. Then why the heck is Brady even playing?

Tom Brady apparently has considerably more interest in playing than in just lounging around, based on his most recent statement regarding the matter. When you consider it, that makes perfect sense: at this point, the Buccaneers’ quarterback is a football machine. If he can, he’d much rather play football than watch from the sidelines.