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Jonathan Taylor injury update: expected to avoid IR stint

When the Indianapolis Colts go to face the New England Patriots, Jonathan Taylor, their starting running back, will be sidelined for the third time already this year, but there don’t appear to be any plans to put him on the injured reserve list.

Taylor had an initial ankle injury in the fourth-week defeat to the Tennessee Titans. He skipped the following two contests, but it appeared that he hurt his ankle once more in Week 8 against the Washington Commanders.

Despite the fact that Taylor finished the game, he was unable to practice all week and was therefore unable to play against the Patriots on Sunday.

According to head coach Frank Reich, the Colts do not currently have any intentions to place Taylor on the injured reserve list.

“After our discussion, everything actually seems to have taken care of itself, giving him the necessary relaxation. It didn’t, but I believed we had a possibility that it may go a little bit better than it did this week,” Reich remarked on Friday. Therefore, we must be wise, act in the player’s and the team’s best interests.

Expectations are subject to change at any time in the NFL, as is the case with anything. If the Colts lose to the Patriots on Sunday, their outlook for the remainder of the season may change. They might decide to check Taylor’s health before he returns as a result.

Although there haven’t been any news about it at all, it’s not out of the question.

The Colts will nonetheless be without Taylor for the third time this season; however, it is anticipated that he will return at some point in the following two to three weeks.