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NY Jets RB Breece Hall injury update (ACL tear)

Despite having lost one of their top players for the season, the New York Jets are still winning.

Breece Hall suffered the feared ACL rupture, which almost never spares an NFL club each season, during the Jets’ Week 7 victory against the Denver Broncos. The Jets anticipate that he will heal in time for the upcoming season despite the instant season-ending injury. That might be an overly optimistic prediction with a 9–12 month recovery timeframe.

The more crucial question is not whether Hall will be healed, but rather what the injury might do to his athleticism and quickness.

It’s reasonable to wonder what a back who relies so much on his agility and cutting skills will look like after tearing his ACL. One of the main pivot points is the knee.

We can look at precedent since Breece is not the first running back to recover from an ACL tear. Consider that some of these running backs were older when they had the injury, whereas he is only 21. That might have had an impact on their success after the injury.