Canva app on pc Mac windows laptop desktop download

Canva app is the versatile graphic design and video editing app that allows users to design stunning looking cards, wallpapers and greetings images even without any design knowledge. This graphic design application features a complete editor, story and video maker for Instagram, video collage maker, logo, poster and book maker. This is an eventual editing … Read more

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on pc windows mac

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is the iconic action role-playing game where players need to jump, rush and slash your way through Dracula‚Äôs immense fortress as Alucard while meeting an exclusive range of rivals and characters on the way. Play to find again the world of Castlevania with this innovative game that contains well-known soundtracks … Read more

Guardian Tales on pc windows mac laptop desktop

Guardian Tales is the adventure role-playing game where you have to challenge yourself and trial your intelligences with naughty mysteries through your expedition. Attempt not to put down any stone unturned, undisclosed pathway and fortune could be hiding someplace, just reveal them all. If you are missing the excitements of boss fights of retro games, … Read more

Weapon Masters: Roguelike on pc windows mac desktop

Weapon Masters: Roguelike is the arcade-style combating game where attractive Characters Representing different Paths including Knight Who demolish the rivals in Close battle, Archer Who exterminates with stable target from Afar and Mage Who invades and Teleports Through blockages with simplicity. Take part in each Action by Moving, raiding, dodging, exceptional invade and ability All … Read more

Z-Fighters pc windows mac laptop desktop download

Z-Fighters is the most expected idle role-playing game of 2020 that merges different gameplays including hero enrollment and improvement, instances, arena combats, guilds, and lot of others. It was watchfully developed by an expert development lineup to present an interesting and thrilling game. Gameplay of this game contains Map Adventure that included all types of … Read more