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Saints QB Jameis Winston injury update

Jameis Winston was benched by the Saints in Week 4 due to his back and ankle issues, and Dalton performed admirably enough to maintain the offense and better weaponize Alvin Kamara for a while.

The Saints scored 17 points per game on average in their first three weeks with Winston in charge, but through six games in October with Dalton in charge, they scored 29.6 points per game. But in each of their previous two games, he collapsed, scoring 13 and 10 points, sparking talk of a move.

Although Allen stated that he’ll sit down with Winston and the team medical staff to determine whether he’s ready to start games again, the damaged vertebrae in his back are still months away from healing.

Winston isn’t much healthier now than he was when the Saints put him on ice back in September. Winston hasn’t appeared on the injury report each week because team physicians aren’t actively treating him anymore, but that doesn’t imply his body is healthy. Simply said, nothing can be done about it right now.

The Saints might intervene. Given their struggles in each of the game’s three phases, it really doesn’t matter who the starting quarterback for this club is. Whether it’s Winston, Dalton, Taysom Hill, backup quarterback Jake Luton, or a time-traveling Drew Brees in his peak, they are what their record indicates they are. Their season has been ruined by an ineffective defense and a special teams squad that makes too many errors.