Supersu apk – android root tool zip download

SuperSU is the superuser privileged administration app that allows users advanced access management rights for all apps installed on devices. To use SuperSU application you need to root your devices first. If you have rooted devices and have no applications that require root permission, you can at first install SuperSU which will ask you to deny or grant root permission before installing each app.

This application developed by chinafire and Coding Code Mobile Technology LLC and released SuperSU zip for android 6.0 marshmallow without changing system partition. This newly launched superSU application can able to manage several problem than other known super user access management application can able to do. In the new version, the developers added several new tools like e, CF.lumen, LiveBoot, Flashfir CF bench, FBE detection on SU kernel improved, Full color-coded command content logging (input/output/error), OTA survival mode (no guarantees), and etc which makes this application more effective and user friendly.

If you have rooted device and you are not want to continue and comfortable with rooted device features and want to unroot immediately. You can easily do it with SuperSU. Even you can get experienced with temporary root or unroot features. You will not feel this application is running and helping 24 hours as this application is running in ghost mode.

It’s very popular among gamers and developers. In a rooted device, every application will ask root permission and you will feel annoying. This application will save record of granted permission so that later it will automatically permit those applications in future for normal operation. The greatest advantage of this application is that it will track your action for root permission and will allow root permission automatically in future. You can use this application in unrooted device temporarily. You can also see which application you have provided root permission. This application will also tell you which application and how long an application request for root permission, will show you whether those application is working in recovery mode or in background mode.

SuperSU is an extremely helpful tool that intends to substitute further app you were applying to deal with your superuser rights, presenting an easy to get to interface with various exciting features.

Download Supersu zip file

Like to have this superuser privileged administration app zip for android device, then explore below to get the download link.  Here we included latest version of Supersu zip file to download simply –

Download Supersu apk for android

Once it downloaded, simply attempt to install it like other app installation processes on android smartphone or tablet devices. Download the Supersu .apk zip file from below –

– App Version: 2.82
– File size: 5.6 MB
– Short detail: superuser privileged administration app
– Category: Tools

Supersu apk for android
Supersu apk for android

Once the app downloaded on your phone or tablet, you will find Supersu apk here to get ready for correctly install like other app installation using .apk file.