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Vikings’ Lewis Cine injury update and recovery time

Lewis Cine, a rookie safety for the Vikings who suffered a devastating leg injury last month, plans to return to the field on next season.

Cine was playing for London versus New Orleans on October 2 when he suffered a compound fracture in his lower left leg. He stayed there and had surgery two days later. On Friday, he was seen moving about the Vikings locker room at the TCO Performance Center after arriving back in the Twin Cities on October 8. Cine mentioned coming back in 2023.

Cine, a Georgia native who was selected with the 30th overall choice in the first round last April, was upbeat. He claimed that his teammates and coaches had given him a lot of encouragement.

I’m glad I can walk, the man added. “Everyone is giving you positive counsel, and there is nothing but love and outpouring of passion. I feel great. working to return strong and healthy.

Cine suffered an injury while covering a punt play. He claimed that after being transported by ambulance to a hospital in London, he quickly made up his mind that he would like to return home in good health.

Cine remarked, “I kind of made peace with it the same day. “I thought, ‘Okay, what comes next?'” Following surgery, I made it my sole concentration to excel in rehab, and I’ve been doing that ever since.