Growing to be an Instagram influencer needs some regular work. But anyone can be a Ig famous by following some steps

Convert current IG account to a business account to view Instagram’s insights on posts along with audience reach, engagement, profile visits, and website clicks.

Influencers should perfect in on a very specific niche so that they can focus their efforts on that industry and appeal to followers interested in that specific topic.

Optimized profile can show a clear purpose to visitors. A complete optimized profile has niche related profile picture, informative bio with a headline and related posts.

it must need a good camera or a smartphone that can snap high quality images. Also most excellent influencers don’t just share quality images with good captions, they tell a story.

Engage and interact with followers by replying to comments and messages, following similar accounts and liking other’s posts to build good relationships.

Followers are very important to be famous in Instagram. But How many followers will need? There isn’t any fixed number but depends on objectives, niche and some other factors.

Engage with Brands to promote different products or services as brand ambassadors to earn money to be a profitable influencer by engaging with brands related.